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Neoi MEG 300 - a fully featured Mobile Phone for Children and Elderly - 3 pre-set calling numbers - 1 pre-set HELP SOS MSG and the 24 x7 - SECURITY Monitor allows listening to the Bear from any Mobile - Blackberry - IPhone - Smart Phone - from anywhere. Works with any normal SIM Card!

Detailed Specifications

Retail: 1 set EUR 99.00

 Wholesale / Dealer:

Min. Order 2 sets total EUR 110.00

  Min. Order 10 sets total EUR 500.00


Neoi 906 Credit Card Phone- Kredit Karten Handy

 Jetzt zugreifen ! Neoi 906 - The worlds ONLY Real Credit card sized super thin Mobile Phone. QWERTY Keyboard - GSM/GPRS/SMS/MMS/ MSN/IM/eMail / Java and more.   Das kleinste Handy der Welt, Karl Lagerfeld hat es auch! Passt in die Brieftasche mit der Kredit Karte!

Buy it now even the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has one!

1 Set  fuer EUR. 55.00  -        Kaufe 2 fuer nur  EUR.  99.00

Buy 1 set - EUR 55.00
Buy 2 sets EUR 99.00

Der Verkaufsschlager als WERBEGESCHENK - Our TOPSELLER as Advertising free give away! Bestellen Sie 10 Stueck zu einem sensationellen Sonderpreis - Buy 10 sets for a sensational Special Price including global shipping! Buy 10 sets - including shipping EUR 175.00

Neoi 809 Sport Weiss

Das sportliche Jogging Handy

The Sporty Jogging Handy!

135,00 Euro

Neoi 809 Sports White

The Sports-Gym-Jogging Handy

205,00 US$

Neoi 909 Credit Card    Das sportliche  Handy mit Keyboard- The special Credit Card Handy with Touch screen and Keyboard!

99.00 Euro

Neoi 909 Credit Card

The smallest Handy with Touch screen and  slide out keyboard

Neoi 908 Credit Card    Das sportliche  Handy mit Touch Screen (as pictured with the white sports Frame or different color)

108.00 Euro

Neoi 909 Credit Card

The smallest Handy with Touch screen in Credit Card Format

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