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Service Fee Table /  Gebuehren Tabelle

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For Singapore and Asia

in S$ - Singapore Dollars

1.) Service Fee S$ 25.00

2.) Service Fee S$ 50.00

3.) Service Fee S$ 80.00

4.) Service Fee S$ 90.00

For Europe - Eastern Europe / Deutschland in  EURO Currency

5.) Service Fee  EUR  25.00

6.) Service Fee EUR 50.00

7.) Service Fee EUR 85.00

8.) Service Fee EUR  105.90  
9.) Service Fee EUR 139.90  
10.) Service Fee EUR 149.90  
For USA, South America, Africa in US$

11.) Service Fee  US$ 35.00


12.) Service Fee US$ 60.00


13.) Service Fee US$ 110.00


Special Shop Offers in US$ / EUR/SGD
14.) Neoi 697-13 Special with free 3G USB Dongle - HDMI Cable - TV Settop Box Software         EUR  254.00 + Postage
15.) Neoi U2-300 WiFi repeater EUR 39.90 worldwide shipping included

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